At Charter Queen, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse selection of top-quality products to meet the needs of industries worldwide. From fuels and petrochemicals to agricultural commodities, our range encompasses a variety of essential products that are trusted for their quality and reliability. 

 EN590 diesel fuel is a high-quality, ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel that meets stringent European   standards. Renowned for its purity and performance, our EN590 diesel fuel is suitable for a   wide   range of diesel-powered vehicles and equipment, providing optimal efficiency and   emissions   control.

 Jet A1 aviation fuel is a premium-grade fuel designed specifically for use in aviation   applications. Trusted by airlines and aviation professionals worldwide, our Jet A1 fuel meets   strict quality and safety standards, ensuring reliable performance and safety in all types of   aircraft.

 Gasoline, also known as petrol, is a vital fuel used in a variety of applications, including   transportation and power generation. Our gasoline is formulated to deliver optimal engine   performance and efficiency, meeting the highest quality standards for purity and octane rating.

 D6 virgin fuel oil is a high-quality fuel oil with low sulfur content, ideal for use in heavy-duty   industrial applications. Known for its high energy content and clean burning characteristics,   our   D6 fuel oil is trusted by industries worldwide for reliable and efficient performance.

 D2 diesel gasoil, also known as diesel fuel oil, is a versatile fuel widely used in transportation,   industrial, and agricultural applications. Our D2 diesel gasoil meets strict quality   specifications,   ensuring optimal performance and reliability in a variety of diesel-powered   equipment.

 Petroleum coke, or petcoke, is a valuable by-product of the refining process used in various   industrial applications. Our high-quality petcoke is sourced from reputable suppliers and is   widely used in the production of aluminum, steel, cement, and other industrial processes.

 Urea 46 is a crucial nitrogen fertilizer used in agriculture to promote healthy plant growth and   improve crop yields. Our premium-quality urea 46 is sourced from trusted manufacturers and is   known for its purity, solubility, and effectiveness in providing essential nutrients to plants.

 LNG is a clean and versatile energy source widely used in industrial, commercial, and maritime   applications. At ambient temperature, natural gas is liquefied for ease of storage and t   transportation, and then converted back to gas for subsequent use. Charter Queen provides   high-quality LNG that meets the strictest standards for purity and performance.

 LPG, also known as propane or butane, is a versatile energy source widely used in residential,   commercial, and industrial applications. LPG is stored and transported in liquid form, and then   converted to gas for use in heating systems, cooking appliances, motor vehicles, and more.   Charter Queen supplies high-quality LPG, ensuring reliable performance and optimal safety.  

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